Will your organization be assisted by having a pool of trainers who are able to develop and conduct trainings internally?

Training is a skill that can be acquired and this programme will provide participants with workable and workplace-oriented facilitation techniques to ensure achievement of positive results.

This programme:

  • helps to ensure that trainers will be able to conduct training in a confident manner
  • are designed to develop or refresh the professional trainer’s ability to run exciting and effective training programmes
  • includes material which will enhance the trainer’s ability, confidence and motivation by developing and refreshing essential training skills.

At theend of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • understand roles and responsibilities of being a trainer
  • become aware of how adults learn and how to engage adult learners
  • understand the difference between training and presenting information
  • apply varying methods of training and applying creative and stimulating delivery formats
  • become aware of and understand the aspects of personal attributes and body language when conducting training
  • identify and evaluate personal strengths and challenge when conducting training
  • understand and apply effective listening skills
  • understand and apply effective questioning and feedback skills
  • be able to design and use a combination of visual and audio aids to energise the learning experience
  • understand and apply the required training room management issues before commencing training
  • create energy in the training room
  • understand the importance of post-training evaluation
  • be able to conduct pre & post evaluations assessments
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