A workplace is a place where people get together …to work towards common goals.

Would you like to see all the members in your working in a collaborative and cooperative way?

Would the organisation benefit further by imbuing values, skills and knowledge that are in sync with the organisation’s goals?

While many may see teambuilding activities as fun and a break from work, they actually do have a very significant purpose – they develop and instill a sense of common purpose with the required skills and knowledge to work together as a team.

Programme outline

  • This programme will consist of a number of activities/games that will expose participants to its aims and objectives.
  • Participants will be exposed to various successful stories to instill the spirit of teambuilding.
  • A Self-Awareness activity will lead the participants towards the main objective of the programme that is effective team working towards the success of the organisation.
  • Assessment and evaluation of the following will be conducted throughout the programme.
Self -Awarenes
Planning & Goal-Setting
Respect left center & Obedience
Trust & Commitment
Prejudices & Perception
Positive Communication
Effective Listening
Creative Thinking
Time Management
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