Accademia Riaci

Accademia Riaci: Arts, Crafts & Design courses

The Accademia Riaci Group consists of three schools:

Accademia Riaci, Florence Culinary Arts School (FCAS) and ABC de’ Conti.

Each school offers courses in different disciplines:

Accademia Riaci: Arts, Crafts & Design courses
FCAS: Culinary Arts courses
ABC de’ Conti: Italian Language courses

Teaching Methodology and Philosophy

Mission – “Live the past, create the future”

The ultimate goal of Accademia Riaci’s education is not focused only on teaching traditional techniques and styles but aims to guide students to develop their own artistic sensitivity, creativity and realize their full potential.

From the Traditional to the Ultra-modern Techniques

Students may choose to learn from various fields of arts and traditional arts offered at the academy. Contrary to the recent trends of mass production, Accademia Riaci believes in high quality rather than quantity. This is why design and techniques of traditional and classical arts to the most advanced designs and techniques are studied and acquired through numerous hours of practical hands-on training in their major of choice. Students will be nurtured to develop their imagination, and fantasies – the most valued elements of an artist. Professors encourage each student to inspire and develop each student’s originality not only through their teaching but also by helping them re-discover the “special something” about each learning artist.

Small Classe Sizes

Research shows that students working in small groups tend to learn more and appear more satisfied with their classes. Lower class sizes are linked to positive educational benefits such as better test scores, fewer dropouts, and higher graduation rates. Therefore, Accademia Riaci’s classes are organized in small groups of students.

Tailored Instruction

Just like how Leonardo Da Vinci taught his assistants, lessons are conducted in close relationship with each student, in line with their ability and personality, challenging both beginners and experienced professionals.


Career training and presentation techniques are incorporated into the lessons to prepare students for effectively presenting themselves and their artwork to companies. In spite of the recent problem of shortage of artisans, artists, and craftsman, our students have the chance to practice through our internship programs in shops, and ateliers in the city of Florence.