The Talk-Lines Master

The Talk-Lines Master...

Conversational English Language skills for the Hospitality Industry

A programme specifically designed by for the hospitality industry to master correct and effective talk-lines, conversational starters, expansions and endings at the workplace

Are you facing service delivery issues due to poor command of the English Language among your front-liners?

Does the inability of your front liners to interact with guests easily in English make your establishment appear inhospitable or unwelcoming?

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Increase vocabulary and improve pronunciation
  • Converse and communicate effectively with customers and colleagues
  • Use right words in different situations such as when welcoming customers, seating customers, making “small talk” etc
  • Understand the subtle differences of major accents
  • Acquire basic grammar skills in spoken English Language
  • Present themselves and their products effectively
  • Develop positive workplace skills
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