Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

I’d rather die than speak in public.”!!!

Why is it that the mere mention of speaking to a group drives a sane person quite insane? Is it really a chore as made out to be?

But we are “presenting” daily…– either to an individual or a group. Easier as it’s quite informal…so the crunch is presenting in a formal, organised way, right? Well, all is not lost because making presentations is a skill – not a talent.

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Develop public speaking and presentation skills
  • Understand their self strengths and challenges when speaking or presenting in public
  • Develop an understanding of the fears of public speaking
  • Develop skills to overcome fears when speaking or presenting in public
  • Understand the differences between giving a speech and making a business/professional presentation
  • Create speech and presentation outlines
  • Apply professional creativity when developing presentations tools such as audio visuals etc
  • Assess audience dynamics and develop appropriate audience-management techniques
  • Deliver a simple speech/presentation
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