Creativity Problem Solving & Decision Making

Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making  (CPSDM) is a process that enables individuals or teams to seek for solutions by using both creative and logical thinking. In this way, it eliminates the tendency to approach problems in an unstructured way, and leads the way to look for problems and solutions in a systematic way. What this process hopes to achieve is to improve creative and problem solving behaviours.

Problem solving is often a systematic process requiring considerable planning and time. Even then we might not achieve what is to be resolved.  A four-step process towards creative problem solving will provide a framework and useful guide in our quest to getting practical and useful ideas for the problems that we are facing.

  • Learn how to recognize and identify problem
  • To be equip with creative thinking techniques for problem solving
  • To be able to make decision effectively

  • Better understanding of the process of problem solving and decision making
  • Able to generate creative ideas for problem solving and improvement
  • To be able to make decision effectively