Creative Thinking

We are and will be the result of the way we use our mind. Definitely, we can improve the quality of our life if we improve the quality of our thinking. The sad fact of our life is that most of us do little or hardly any creative thinking at all. Thinking, declared Henry Ford “is the hardest work there is, which is the probable reason why so few of us engage in it”.

Creative and innovative thinking are essential to ensure our success in our endeavours. The average manager spends 50% of his time solving problems, either doing it alone or together with his team. Our abilities to deal with challenges and difficulties, will to a large extent, determine your mobility in your career or business. In this age of discontinuous change, creativity and innovation, collectively called innotivity, will be the buzzword.

  • Learn how to be creative and innovative
  • Learn to use and apply creative thinking tools to generate creative ideas
  • To foster individual and team competencies in creativity and innovation

  • Learn how the mind works
  • Learn to be creative on demand and generate ideas