Planning For Excellence


Strategic Management For Public Sector



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"The author's step by step presentations of the strategic management process together with its templates is comprehensive, clear and highly applicable to current needs. it is an excellent resource for any public sector organization to realize its potential and capabilities in bringing about improved productivity, effectiveness and performance."

Datuk Kee Sue Sing
Director General Department of Chemistry Malaysia
"This book does a superb job of considering strategic thinking into practical applications. With detailed guidance on implementation at every stage, Sachi not only make life easier for leaders and managers but massively increase their day-to-day effectiveness and long term impact on their organizations."

Professor David Mckie
The Universdity of Waikato, New Zealand
"Invaluable for public sector managers, this book - a working manual - brings together concepts of vision and strategy and turn them into templates for use as tools to revisit goals and chart plan of action to move organizations towards excellent."

Roy Ashworth
Co-founder and Consultant, SCQuARE international,United Kingdom

ISBN: 9833109-15-2

Dr. Hj. Malek Shah bin Hj. Mohd Yusof, Director of INTAN Forward in 'Planning For Excellence'.