Six Thinking Hats ®

“It is no longer enough to do the same thing better.... As organizations reach a plateau of competence, it is only better concepts that will provide the competitive advantage. Now business has to keep up with the changes---and that requires creativity”

Dr Edward de Bono

Are creative problem solutions and opportunity seeking important in your organization?

The Six Thinking Hats ® is a powerful thinking technique which is very effective in providing employees a framework for thinking through any decisions. In addition the technique also aids in harnessing the abilities and capabilities of individuals and organizations in:

  • Utilizing the existing intelligence potential in an optimal manner
  • Fostering Quality Thinking in organizations
  • Enhancing idea generation and improve perceptions
  • Achieving quantity thinking outcomes which are more systematic
  • Overcoming obstacles which hinder planning processes and decision-making
  • Encouraging cooperation in organizations in areas of thinking

  • To introduce participants to systematic & constructive creative thinking
  • To equip participants with the proper use of the technique for enhancing thinking competence & organizational productivity

  • Think more effectively by breaking down thinking into manageable and efficient steps
  • Explore problems, challenges, issues and opportunities in focused sequence
  • Improve current competence in planning, decisions and communications
  • Break away from time consuming adversarial thinking style
  • Work and think in teams using the Six Thinking Hats® to achieve synergy and results
  • Inject creative thinking for personal and professional success