A 2-in-1 programme incorporating Workplace Communication Skills ….topped with appropriate Workplace English language for the various interactions.


Do you see some of your managers struggling to relate something at workplace interactions, with senior or junior employees? Does this create unnecessary problems for daily operations?

As organizations do not exist in vacuums and individuals in organizations do not work in isolation, communication with both internal and external parties is certainly most essential.

This programme has been specially created and designed to address these issues – that is assisting managers and supervisors to not only know WHAT to say but also HOW to say it and WHEN and WHERE to say it.


At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • evaluate personal issues/barriers affecting ability to communicate effectively at work – at the interpersonal and group levels
  • evaluate and know personal emotional intelligence (EQ) strengths and weakness
  • understand, appreciate and apply principles of effective workplace communication –
    both verbal and non-verbal
  • recognize non-verbal communication and body language cues to understand emotions
  • recognize,manage and influence the emotions of other people,both individually and in groups
  • appreciate and recognize the challenging realities of differing perceptions,culturesand genders when communicating at the workplace
  • develop effective listening, speaking and questioning skills
  • develop true empathy to increase influence authority and ability to be supportive
  • create a more positive work environment with low conflict and high productivity
  • develop a repertoire of appropriate words, phrases, sentences, questions to be used at the various communication interactions
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