About Us

Innovation and Creativity Skills Training (INOCREST) is an international consulting and training provider with a focus on building and nurturing human potential in organizations to bring about innovations.

INOCREST does this through customized workshops:

Strategic Thinking: Adding Value to long term goals is a programme that empowers employees by providing them with the skills and motivation to bring about value innovations. Our definition of Strategic Thinking is the ability to add value to long term goals; with a win–win for both organization and the individual. Employees will use both analytical and creativity tools to create value innovations in existing strategies, processes and products with a focus on implementation.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) is the world’s foremost personality profiling inventory. It is a relatively short, non-invasive, forced choice personality questionnaire used to sort and describe people’s preferences for how their energy orientation and how they prefer to get information, make decisions and orient their lives.

Strategic Management has been developed into a step by step process to assist Public Sector agencies develop winning strategies with the help of templates with a focus on implementation. Our latest publication, Strategic Management for & KPI'S (2009) condenses Strategic Management in a workbook format.

Dr. Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats® , Lateral Thinking® and Buzan’s Mind Maps® programmes. These programmes have achieved international success in small, medium, and large organizations and are conducted by our certified facilitators using authorized training materials

With INOCREST, your company will have motivated employees working as a team to deliver creative ideas that add value to your company strategies, processes and products. In fact, we go a step further in working together with our clients to ensure that your valuable ideas are installed in the company and the marketplace and that a culture of creativity is fostered in the work environment.