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About us


Welcome to our world of Education & Training.


If you are a student seeking the most appropriate education pathways especially after high school, then we are the one-stop-centre which will guide you to the best higher education options, local and abroad.

Training & Development...

If you are an organisation seeking to develop your human capital, then we are trainers/facilitators who will passionately partner you to achieve that aim.

Our Journey... by Gracious & Sharon

Our journey into the field of education counselling and corporate training began in 2002 when our alma mater, Abertay University was looking at setting up a regional presence in Malaysia.  We were honored to take on this commitment, and thus was WisDen EduPark sdn bhd (WisDen) established in 2002.

WisDen was incorporated in Malaysia as a private limited company to provide education counselling and placements for students, and to offer human resource development services through the realm of corporate training. WisDen also extended its portfolio by providing support services and business development opportunities to our local and overseas university partners.

Having worked in the education and human resource development industries, both of us, as  directors of WisDen, were able to merge our experiences and exposure from the industries with our counselling services for students who were looking for guidance for their further education options, careers and onwards development.

In early 2018, we were offered to take over Innovation & Creativity Skills Training Sdn Bhd. (Inocrest), a company established in 2001 and specialising in human resource development. This marked an exciting move for us as it was a progressive branding to combine our two core activities in a stronger bond.  We decided to embrace this opportunity and in June 2019, we combined both our services to operate under Innovation & Creativity Skills Training Sdn Bhd. (Inocrest).

As we continue today as directors of Inocrest, we are committed to providing you our services with the same passion, drive and integrity.

We are at your service.

Gracious & Sharon
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Gracious holds an MBA from the University of Abertay Dundee Scotland, U.K. and a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Kerala, India. Read more


Sharon holds an MBA (with distinction) from the University of Abertay Dundee Scotland, a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Read more

Our History… a union of experiences and partnerships of WisDen & Inocrest

WisDen EduPark sdn bhd (WisDen) was established in 2002 under the directorships of Gracious Aloysius Fernandez and Gursharan Kaur (Sharon). Having its office in Selangor, Malaysia, WisDen was incorporated in Malaysia as a private limited company with its prime objective of becoming a leading education and training specialist with a global network of partners.

As an education consultancy, WisDen spread its wings to various parts of the world, establishing strategic partnerships with universities and education institutions. Our network included universities from US, Canada, UK, Europe (The Netherlands, Italy, Estonia, Spain, and Russia), Australia and India. We also partnered with some of the major Malaysian university and colleges in this area. Thus WisDen was able to offer a varied portfolio of education options and pathways for students seeking to further their studies abroad as well for foreign students seeking to study in Malaysia.

WisDen also extended its services by organising study tours and summer camps for students.

In the field of human resource development, WisDen, with its pool of experienced trainers, conducted numerous training programmes, ranging from soft skills development to English Language enhancement and technical skills development.

Innovation & Creativity Skills Training Sdn Bhd (Inocrest) was established in 2001 under the directorship of S.Sachidhanandam & Loi Hui Kong.

Inocrest is an international consulting and training provider with a focus on building and nurturing human potential in organizations to bring about innovations.

In recognition of the pertinent and critical needs of organizations to establish workforces that are unique, passionate, progressive and profitable, Inocrest delivers effective and unique manpower development programmes – from the management meeting rooms to the operational shop floors.

Inocrest’s areas of expertise ranged from Leadership & Management Development, and Workplace Skills.

Some of the programmes conducted included

  • Six Thinking Hats ©
  • Lateral Thinking ©
  • Creative Thinking
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Strategic ManaMBTI®
  • MBTI®​

The Union… our commitment continues

In early 2019, the directors of both WisDen EduPark sdn bhd (WisDen) and Innovation & Creativity Skills Training Sdn Bhd (Inocrest) came to an agreement to merge the operations of these two companies. The founding directors of Inocrest, Loh Hui Kong and S. Sachidhanandham decided to retire from the business. Thus Inocrest’s ownership and operations were bought over by Gracious and Sharon. In June 2019, all operations under WisDen EduPark sdn bhd were officially ceased and merged with Inocrest.

Today Inocrest carries on the committed services of education and counselling.