Strategic Thinking



(A 2- day Workshop)


You and your team have the skills to make targeted and win-win decisions, adding value to your long term goals for profits and growth whilst benefiting all stakeholders.

Strategic Thinking in Strategic Planning and Implementation is a workshop designed to provide participants with the skills required in developing and implementing a Strategic Plan for their organization. Whilst this is not a strategic planning exercise it is a must for organizations that wish to embark on a strategic plan. It is equally powerful for organizations that already have a strategic plan. It shows the way forward for participants to engage emerging short term opportunities and challenges in day to day tasks and fashion them into important strategies to value add to long term organization goals.

Strategic Thinking is the ability to add value to long term goals while maximizing the value of short term activities—with a win-win for all stakeholders. This is possible when we are able to appreciate the small and big pictures (the relationship between daily activities and long term vision) and thus refocus our activities to ensure we achieve our goals. As strategic thinkers, we will apply analytical and creative abilities to create value through innovations in existing strategies, processes and products with a key focus on implementation.

“No matter how difficult or unprecedented the problem, a breakthrough to the best possible solution can come only from a combination of rational analysis based on the real nature of things and imaginative reintegration of all the different items into a new pattern, using non linear brainpower”
Kenichi Ohmae—Author of “The Mind of the Strategist”.

The workshop helps participants to:

  • Appreciate the values and skills (analytical, creative and strategic thinking) essential for strategy formulation to implementation
  • Make links between what you do in your role and your organizations plans and goals
  • Develop strategies and decisions that value add to long term goals with a win-win for all stakeholders;
  • Draw up winning ideas and presentations that gets buy in from above and below